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Tool Hire


20 ton Log Splitter Hire (Petrol)

Road towable and petrol driven.

20 ton splitting force. Takes logs up to 24" long. Can be used vertically or horizontally. 

Daily price - £60+vat

Weekly price - £100+vat


10 ton Log Splitter Hire (Petrol)

Road towable and petrol driven.

10 ton splitting force. Takes logs up to 17" long. Useful wide and easy height platform.

Daily Price - £50+vat

Weekly price - £90+vat


minimix 2.jpg

Cement mixer Hire (Petrol)

Petrol driven Belle minimix 150 cement mixer, 85 litre capacity, supplied with stand.

Daily price - £20+vat

Weekly price - £35+vat


Wheelbarrow Hire

Carry stuff! 100 litre capacity.

Daily price - £4+vat

Weekly price - £8+vat


Tracked power barrow

Tracked 500kg hi-lift dumper. Diesel engine. Walk behind machine that will tip into a skip or pickup.


Plate Compactor Hire (Petrol)

Petrol driven vibrating plate compactor. Ideal for compacting gravel, hardcore, sand etc.

Daily price - £25+vat

Weekly price - £45+vat

Paving pad.jpg

Compactor Block Paving Pad

Synthetic pad to fit on our plate compactor for laying block paving

Daily price - £5+vat

Weekly price - £10+vat


Road/Floor Saw Hire (Petrol)

Heavy duty saw for cutting concrete or asphalt.

Adjustable cutting depth up to a maximum depth of 145mm

Daily price - £50+vat

Weekly price - £100+vat

pressure washer.jpg

Pressure Washer Hire (Petrol)

Heavy duty petrol powered pressure washer.

- 200bar max pressure

- 15 litres/min max flow

Day price - £50+vat

Weekly price - £100+vat


Big Blue Concrete Float

4ft concrete float with 3 clip in handles that extend to 5.4 metres.

This lightweight and robust Big Blue Easy Float smooths and textures concrete to a very fine finish.

Daily Price - £20+vat

Weekly price - £35+vat

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