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Agricultural Building Construction

Buying a steel framed building in kit form but need someone to build it? Look no further. 
Erecting your steel framed building can be a massive undertaking.  We can undertake the whole thing from start to finish or any parts in between if you would prefer to do some of the work yourself.
We don't manufacture buildings ourselves but can give you a quote to supply buildings using reputable manufacturers.
Feel free to give us a call and discuss your requirements.

Foundation bolts_edited.jpg


The foundation is one of the most important elements of erecting your steel building. After you decide where you want your new building the foundation planning can begin.


Steel frame erection

The Beam Columns and rafters are the heaviest and most essential pieces of the building. Once this is together everything everything else can start to be added to it.


Purlins and roof sheets

Once the roof sheets goes on it begins to feel like a more complete building! With many years experience in agricultural building roofing we pride ourselves in a roof well fitted!


Side Cladding

There are many different materials available to clad the side of your building. These can depend on the look/use/feel of the building you want to achieve.

Steel Framed Buildings: Services
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